XII. Orienteering Marathon

12.-13. march 2016.

Organizer: Veszprémi Bridzs és Tájékozódási SE

Event committee:
President: Hites Viktor
Course Setters: Prologe: Hites Viktor Orienteering Marathon: Erdélyi Tibor
Controller: Engi Imre

Competitions: Day 1: individual sprint orienteering race Day 2: in marathon categories long distance in other categories classic distance individual event. Both days are Hungarian ranking events.

Maps:  Prologue 1:5000 scale park-orienteering map. Day 2: in marathon categories 1:15000 in other classes 1: 10000 scale orienteering map, survived in 2015.

Terrains: Prologue will be organised in the tricky park terrain of Balatonfűzfő industrial housing estate Orienteering Marathon will be organized on the really challenging, hilly terrain by Vilonya where the University World Championship in 1996 was organised.

Entry: On-line: or per e-mail:


F/M21A                 N/W21A
F/M18A                 N/W18A
F/M35A                 N/W35A

Classic distance:

F/M21B, Br            N/W21B
F/M20A                 N/W20A
F/M18B                 N/W18B
F/M15-18C            N/W15-18C
F/M16B                 N/W16B
F/M14B                 N/W14B
F/M12C                 N/W12C
F/M40B                N/W40B
F/M45B                N/W45B
F/M50B                N/W50B
F/M55B                N/W55B
F/M60B                N/W60B
F/M65B                Open Advanced
F/M70B                Open Beginner
F/M10D                 N/W10D

Categories with less than 5 entries will be put into other categories, except for marathon categories.

Entry until 20. february:
FN/MW-18, and Open: 1200 HUF/person/day or 4 EUR/person/day
FN/MW21-: 1800 HUF/person/day or 6 EUR/person/day

Entry until 3. march:
FN/MW-18, and Open: 1500 HUF/person/day or 5 EUR/person/day
FN/MW21-: 2100 HUF/person/day or 7 EUR/person/day

Entry after 3. march or at event centre (only for vacant places):
FN/MW-18, and Open: 1800 HUF/person/day or 6 EUR/person/day
FN/MW21-: 2400 HUF/person/day or 8 EUR/person/day

Competition is organized with SportIdent electronic punching system. If you have your own SI card, please send its number with your entry! SI card renting is free up to MW 14 categories, it costs 300 HUF (or 1 EUR)/person/day in other categories, which you will pay at the registration.

"0" time: 1. day: 14:00 2. day: 10:00

Prizes: In the Prologue all winners of the categories will be awarded. In Orienteering Marathon first 3 runners of each category get medals. Winners of the marathon categories get the wandering cup of the competition, which they have for a year.

Accommodation opportunity: in Királyszentistván for 6-8 person, you should contact Ilona Kőszegi mayoress of the village by phone: +36/30/9521771

Other information:
• Final information will be published on our website 8 days before the competition.
• All competitors will get refreshments at the finish where a buffet will also be found.
• All runners who have started must check in at the finish (including those who haven't accomplished the race).
• There will be children's competition near the event centre both days.
• Commercial activity is only accepted with the permission of the competition committee.
• You take part on the races on your own risk!

Tel: +3630/347-63-56 or +3688/421404 e-mail:

Partners: Orienteering Federation of Veszprém County,, village government of Királyszentistván